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"Specialty Cake Artist and Cookie Designer, plus !"
one stop shop - Asked to be on Food Network,  was in Nutley Journel and Obsever done 2020

Linda is a caring, Christian woman who is a passionate Baker/ Cake and Cookie artist, who will give you her complete attention for all your baking needs for your special Event! truly comes from her heart !

A good baker friend told me, Linda, you are an artist, show the customers that. So i am making some changes starting now here in 2023. I am pushing 60 and want to show off a little.I have noticed with a full fondant cakes with all the bells and whistles

people see on Pinterest and want, but unfortunately cannot afford. I am only creating Buttercream Blessings now! this I pray 

and believe will solve the problem cutting time, cutting costs for both parties and still have a delicious, great cake!

I am self taught and has been doing custom cakes nonstop for over 6 years now and have added my own artistic touches with special techniques, giving the customer ideas that are unique, boho chic and has so much vision I have  aquired for many hours of study and classes, advice from top artists. 

I know how to make beautiful flowers and many other techniques but they are expensive. I will always be honest when it comes to your budget and keeping it .

 I love doing Realistic Roses, Peonies, Dahlia's, Gerbera Daises, etc). , Animals, figurines, cars, motorcycles, just about anything?If you still want, that would be more time, ex a fondant elephant on Etsy is 30-40$ -We can discuss, Fresh flowers are less money and have become more popular these days! 

I Do everything from scratch, part of the new concept is the new recipes i can now do without all that fondant on top!!. Making it a little easier for me. Only the best Ingredients, ordered  from the best suppliers..I have made it into the local papers and came in 5th in a worldwide contest from the Food Network! I was asked to be on the Food Network, it was a great opportunity for me, but my mom developed Dementia and I was the only one to take care of her. I had to pass. 

She has gone home to be with the Lord and I miss her terribly.  I think she would back me on my decision to reopen as Buttercream Blessings but say "Linda , don't let this world knock you down one more moment, try this new concept and stick to your guns"< You can at least say you didn't give up on something you love to do!" All I can add to that is to you my customers, please know I have to do things a new way in these times and spend my last days doing what I love, is to make you happy memories and feel that happiness along with you ! God Bless you !Thank you for coming by! CLICK BELOW 

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