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Please fill out our get a free quote form, if you press submit and it does not go through,no worries ,it means you missed a field. Go back and check it out, if it has an asterick * it has to be filled.
Please fill out as much info as possible, yes you can have different flavors for different tiers which are 3 levels cakes each, ( see drop downs)
You may have to write that within the box as the drop down offers one flavor per cake, then filling ( sorry for the inconvenience)

We know its uncomfortable to talk about money, but we need to know where you draw the line, so we can offer suggestions that make sense for your party and the budget. Please be honest with your total budget as it will help us to offer possible alternatives within your budget if your original inquiry doesn't fit .You will have a beautiful cake and if cookies needed put that in box and how many doz, upload picture 2nd upload :)

Budget example $ 240 - 3

 1-Willing to be flexible, MAINLY CONCERNED WITH AN AMAZING CAKE/dessert, etc
2-SLIGHTLY willing

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