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Please Read and fill out our get a free quote form, if you press submit and it does not go through, no worries ,it means you missed a field. Go back and check it out, if it has an asterick * it has to be filled. EX. MUST HAVE VALID EMAIL- IF YOU DONT TEXT ME
Please fill out as much info as possible, yes you can have different flavors for different tiers which are 3 levels cakes each, ( see drop downs)
For more than one TIER add flavors on line below or to box in middle ! YES YOU CAN HAVE DIFFERENT FLAVORS FOR DIFFERENT TIERS!!! ITS ALL UP TO YOU!! 50$ deposit towards cake totals, to save spot and start cake!

Please treat as any other Bakery, if you have made a decision a deposit is required at that time that goes towards the balance.
the Rest is due by day before delivery or on pick up

 #1-Willing to be flexible, MAINLY CONCERNED WITH AN AMAZING CAKE/dessert, etc
#2-SLIGHTLY willing

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